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Abs By April & Fit Four Gloves Review & Giveaway

For those of you participating in the Abs By April Challenge, you know that its almost over! I cannot believe how fast the time went and can’t believe its spring already. Next week will be the last chance workout and then I will be posting results for those who wish to share! I can’t wait :) Here was this week’s workout, all participants should have already received the email with this info.

Abs by April- Week10 PNG


In the spirit of Abs By April and my goal of building muscle before the summertime, I have recently started seriously lifting. In the past I didn’t really push myself with strength training, but lately have been taking it up a notch. I LOVE the feeling after a good strength session, the moment where you can increase your weight, and lifting the same or more than the guys at the gym :) Girl power!

The only downside though is that I’ve been lifting to the point where I started developing calluses on my hands. Yuck! I won’t share the visuals with you because I doubt anyone wants to see that. That’s why I was SO excited when I was contacted recently by the wonderful people at Fit Four Gloves to try out a pair of their gloves, it was just perfect timing!

My Fit Four Gloves at the gym

My Fit Four Gloves at the gym

Fit Four Gloves are fitness gloves designed with a minimalist approach. Ever see the guys at the gym with the full-length gloves? Yeah, these aren’t like that and I think it works way better. The gloves have a four finger design that covers your hands where you actually need it without all the excess traditional gloves have. At first glance, they look pretty different but, trust me, when you try them on you’ll love them!

Some other things I like about these gloves: durable synthetic leather with “extra skin” for tough workouts, ventilated palms, and stretch lycra material on the back of the hand. Having my hands comfortable when I work out has helped in making me excited to go do strength training. Before when I lifted without these, I wasn’t thrilled because of all the damage weights were doing to my hands. But not anymore!


The back of the box.

I’ve been using these in the gym for a few weeks now so I’ve had the chance to really put them to good use for this review.

What I like about them:

  • Forms nicely to  the contours of your hand (i.e. good materials)
  • Only covers the part of your hands you need covered; no excess
  • Stretchable, but strong
  • Air holes for ventilation. As someone who gets sweaty palms when they are warm, this is perfect!
  • Stay put and don’t move during tough workout sessions or exercises
  • Cost: Priced well at $25.95. This seems to be a very competitive price for fitness gloves, so this is in the pro category.
  • Comes in four sizes (small->extra large)
  • Machine washable

Some cons:

  • Takes me a little adjusting at first to find my “sweet spot”. Ordering the right size is REALLY important!
What they look like on my hand

What they look like on my hand

The verdict: In my opinion these are worth it and, as a newbie at strength training, I have fallen in love with them fast. I have also fallen in love with not having calluses on my hands anymore! So in summary, go get yourself a pair :)


Luckily, I am able to offer the chance for one of you to WIN YOUR OWN PAIR of Fit Four Gloves! Click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter, its super easy.

*** Fit Four Gloves Rafflecopter Link ***

The giveaway will end April 3 at 11:59PM EST and the winner will be announced the following day. Good luck!


Disclosure: Fit Four Gloves sent me a free pair of gloves to review. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.


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Plant Fusion Giveaway Winner

I just wanted to quickly announce the winner of the awesome Plant Fusion giveaway! The person who will take home a 1 lb tub of Plant Fusion of any flavor they choose is…

Desiree (@desilove)

Congrats!! You have 48 hours to contact me with your information at runlikeagrlmegan [at] gmail [dot] com or I will have to choose a backup winner.


Also for all you Abs By April challengers out there, the Week 8 challenge was sent out tonight! I hope you enjoy this week, we only have a few left to get to our April goal.

Abs by April- Week8 PNG

Remember to take your progress photo so you can look back on how you did :)

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Running, Training, and Plant Fusion Giveaway

Today I have an awesome giveaway for you, but first wanted to give you some workout updates! I have been doing running and tons of strength training lately in prep for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in April and the Brooklyn Half in May. As per my doctor, the stronger my legs are the less likely I am to be injured. I’m crossing my fingers but so far so good! I’ve even increased my leg press numbers to more than my body weight for the first time ever.

#AbsByApril is also going great, we are up to week 7 already! If you’ve signed up you should be getting the official emails and PDFs with the challenges. The workouts have been getting harder since Week 1 and with four weeks to go its time to push it! I have definitely noticed some definition and incredibly increased core strength. Yay!

Abs by April- Week7 PNG

This weekend I went to a class at Pilates Pro Works with an awesome group of ladies. I’ll write more about it this week in detail, but I did win an awesome raffle from Kristine: a Nike Plus Fuel Band! I’ve read about these and always wanted one so it was such a lucky win. I used it the past two days to track calories, steps taken, and Nike “fuel” and its awesome to see the numbers right there on my wrist and on my iPhone. Such a cool product, I’m sure you’ll hear more about it.

Nike Fuel Band!

Nike Fuel Band!


Now for the review and giveaway! I was contacted recently by an awesome company called PlantFusion and when I read more about what they offer, I realized this plant protein shake was perfect for me and my 2013 goals of clean eating. I have also trying for a more (although not exclusive) plant-based diet this year as part of the Thrive Forward program. In the past, I used whey or soy protein powders for my post-run and post-workout recovery drinks but recently have been using only plant-based.

One of the great things that becoming a part of the healthy living community has encouraged me to to is to eliminate processed foods and those with chemicals. The focus is on real, whole, natural foods and that’s what PlantFusion is. There are so many benefits to eating plant-based, especially for athletes/runners like me. Here are some highlights:

  • 21-22g of protein from organic, raw, sprouted ingredients for lean body mass
  • 4.5g of branched chain amino acids (amino acids are the “building blocks” of proteins). This seriously helps in muscle growth and recovery: HUGE plus for runners.
  • High levels of L-glutamine to promote lean muscle mass, limit body fat, and support GI health
  • Allergy-friendly: NO wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, fish or potential allergens
Plant Fusion

Plant Fusion

For anyone with digestive issues, the formula here is natural and contains ingredients like pea, artichoke, quinoa and amaranth that are easily digestible. Sometimes after a long run when my stomach is feeling a little funny to begin with, a whey powder would upset my system even more. But with PlantFusion, there has been none of that. It is really easy on the stomach plus with all the protein benefits. Here’s an example of a kale green smoothie I made the other day after a run! Yum!

Handful of kale, packet of PlantFusion powder, tablespoon of Greek yogurt, and some almond milk. Delicious!

Handful of kale, packet of PlantFusion powder, tablespoon of Greek yogurt, and some almond milk. Delicious!

I also LOVE the nutritional facts of this protein powder, since its so heard to find a healthy, low calorie powder. One serving has only 120 calories, 2g of fat and 22g of protein which is fantastic. Plus, it tastes delicious which, lets face it, is one of the most important things!

LOVE the nutritional facts.

LOVE the nutritional facts.

 In addition to all the health benefits, PlantFusion is available in 5 flavors: vanilla bean, chocolate, chocolate raspberry, unflavored and their brand new flavor Cookies N Crème!

While I didn’t get to try Cookies N Creme, I absolutely loved each of the flavors I tried, but my favorite was vanilla bean. It just goes perfectly in green smoothies which is predominantly what I make for myself. The powder does go airborne a bit if you pour it into a blender too fast so just pour slowly and you’ll be set! I used this mostly for post-workout recovery and noticed my muscles felt less sore than in the past. This stuff works when used right!

PlantFusion flavors

PlantFusion flavors

Now for the GIVEAWAY! PlantFusion has graciously offered to send one winner a 1-lb tub in their choice of any of the 5 flavors. This is an amazing opportunity and a great way to try a plant-based protein powder that I really loved (and know you will too!) Click on the link below to enter via Rafflecopter.

***Plant Fusion Giveaway via Rafflecopter***

The giveaway will end Sunday, March 10 at 11:50pm and the winner will be announced Monday March 11. Good luck!

Disclosure: I was provided sample packets for free to review. All opinions expressed, as usual, are my own.



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