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Colon Cancer Challenge 15K Race Recap & Fit Four Gloves Winner

This morning I woke up and headed to Central Park for my very first race this year: The NYRR Colon Cancer Challenge 15K. I have a much lighter race schedule this year than last in order to try to stay healthy for the NYC Marathon this fall. I was excited for this one for several reasons 1) it was my first 2013 race 2) I ran with my sister and 3) this was the first time I ran a 15K distance (9.3 miles). Plus, the weather was beautiful and sunny.

Central Park on race morning

Central Park on race morning

There were three events happening this morning: 1.7 mile walk, 4 mile run and 9.3 mile run plus a festival to increase awareness of colorecta cancer. They even had a giant inflatable colon at the festival that you could walk though. I really liked that this race was in support of this organization and helps to increase awareness.

Colon Cancer shirt and bib

Colon Cancer race shirt and bib

The race:

The race itself was held in Central Park and was almost two full loops of the lower loop (excluded the Harlem hills.. to my relief!). I typically am not the biggest ran of races where you repeat loops but today it didn’t bother me for some reason, although I would have preferred a route where this didn’t happen. I have also never ran a 15K distance before so this was different for me, I’m not used to stopping my runs mid-mile!

At the race start there was a bit of a bottleneck before it opened up, which is always annoying for a runner. We were basically fast walking at the start but once everyone spread out there was plenty of room on the rest of the course so it wasn’t a huge deal. There seemed to also be a good deal of people cheering on the sides which I always appreciate a bunch.

Approaching the finishline in pink and blue :)

Approaching the finishline in pink and blue :) As you can tell, I’m obsessed with my blue capris, I promise I wash them in between each wear!

The hills of Central Park came out to play for sure. I haven’t run there in a while so I didn’t even think of it, but the rolling hills of the West side are, in my opinion, are always the toughest. My legs are certainly going to be sort tomorrow, the quads got a workout!

Luckily, I felt pretty good for most of the race and my breathing did settle in. My sister ran at a nice pace which pushed me to pick up mine to more than I have been running, plus I wanted someone to chat with during the race so we stayed together for most of it. I didn’t have any foot pain (yay) but my knee was a little tweaky (is that even a word?). Still, its not awful and the French toast bagels at the finishline made everything all better :)

I ended up finishing 9.3 miles in 1:25 (9:11/mile) which I’m happy with since I did it without too many body parts hurting me.

Recovering after the finish.

Recovering after the finish.


  • Beautiful weather: sunshine, nice temperature
  • The distance. I never ran a 15K before but its a nice distance below a half marathon. Since I’ll be running the Nike Half in a two weeks, this was a nice training run
  • Besides the bottleneck at the start, the runners spread out quickly for the rest of the race.
  • French toast bagels at the race finish


  • The double loop course wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t horrible either.
  • Short bottleneck at the start of the race.


Lastly, the winner of the Fit Four Gloves giveaway is….

Jill Snethen

Congratulations Jill! Contact me at runlikeagrlmegan [at] gmail [dot] com within 48 hours so I can get these gloves to you!


Also, I *may* be switching my blog over to self-hosted this week so if you get error messages or things look funny, that’s why. I’ll tweet updates if that happens!


Did you run this weekend? How did you do?
What is your next upcoming race?


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Missing Springtime & Running Fuel

Yesterday’s workout: Pilates Pro Works Reformer with Jenn
Today’s workout: Lots of stretching, attempted 3 mile treadmill run

10 miles. That’s what I ran last Sunday around my neighborhood in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. This coming weekend I may try for another 10 or maybe 11. I am a bit ahead of my training plan so I have some flexibility. And honestly, lately I’ve been so loose with everything and just running based on how I feel.

As my mileage slowly increases though, so do the aches a pains. Lately its been foot pain but honestly I would expect nothing less from my body so I’m just trying not to get crazy about it. In the meantime… ITS SPRING! Well on paper anyway because the weather certainly doesn’t feel like it.

C’mon Mother Nature, I want to remember what 50+ degrees feels like!! I miss this…

I miss shorts weather!

I miss shorts weather!

I also wanted to share with you my major running plans for this year since I don’t think I have officially. Here’s my unofficial race plans, which may or may not change based on injury, gut feelings, or anything else:

April: NYRR Colon Cancer 15K
April: Nike Women’s Half DC
May: Brooklyn Half
August/September: Staten Island Duathlon?
October: Staten Island Half
November: NYC Marathon

 I am also planning on signing up for the NYC Marathon Tune-Up runs that NYRR offers, as long as training goes well. I’m sure I’ll need them as the time gets closer and I get more and more nervous to run my first full marathon. I’m already nervous and its still March!

On the topic of long-runs, at the NYC Half expo I sampled PowerBar Performance Energy Blends, which are basically squeezable applesauce (Apple Mango Strawberry and Banana Blueberry flavors). Yes, believe it! I’ve been having stomach issues lately with my fuel during runs and, after all this time as a runner, still haven’t found the best one for me. But I think I may have just done it, this stuff is so easy to eat and also really tasty (and I looooovee applesauce).



This is so gentle on the stomach and easy to scarf down while running. I tried it out during my recent 10 miler and had no stomach issues! Its a miracle! Although they are a little big in size, one did fit into my iFitness pouch just fine. Now I just have to find more of these to see if they really will become my official go-to race fuel. Crossing my fingers they keep working for me and that my local running store carries them!

In other news, I am trying to stay positive (and warm) during this never ending winter with some delicious David’s Tea I picked up the other day. This is my favorite tea ever and they have such fun, random flavors.


This time I picked up a new one Coconut Oolong as well as Read my Lips and Mint Chocolate Rooibos. I am so into mint-flavored tea lately! LOVE them all, even just the smell makes me happy. Absolutely delicious, especially for someone like me who really doesn’t drink coffee. If you have a David’s Tea near you or see one ever, just go in. The staff is amazingly friendly too, it just makes it that much better.


Do you have any food finds this week?
What do you use for fuel during running?


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Stride Box Winner & Sunday Randomness

This post will be a bit random. I am in the final stretch of studying for my OT licensing exam, so I don’t have too much free time. But I promise I’ll post more consistently after my exam is finally over!

Anyway, my amazing boyfriend recently bought me a food processor, which I have been wanting for a while now. My blender just wasn’t making the cut anymore as I have been getting more and more creative with my baking skills :) First, I am in love with this food processor, its tiny and apartment sized (perfect for NYC spaces) and works great!

Kitchen Aid

So with this new toy I decided on Valentine’s Day to make Karl a cake, but a healthy version of a cake since he is pretty serious about eating healthy. I came across this interesting recipe for a Deep Dish Cooke Pie on the fantastic Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog. I used less brown sugar than she recommended and supplemented it with more Stevia. But I did not slack on the main ingredient–Garbanzo Beans! Yes, you read that right. I was so intrigued by this so I had to make it. It came out so deliciously amazing I can’t even describe it to you!

Healthy Cookie Pie!

Healthy Cookie Pie!

Karl literally said “this is the best dessert I think I’ve ever eaten.” And let me tell you, in our time of dating we have had MANY desserts. So its safe to say, you need to try this recipe because I also agreed with him. Trust me, its amazing and you’ll love that you won’t feel so guilty eating it. But make sure you have other people home, or you may eat half on your own :)

Deep dish..

Deep dish..


In running news, I officially signed up for this race..

BK Half

I am so excited for this since 1) I live in Brooklyn and its my home 2) I love May races and 3) I need to redeem myself for my awful performance of this race last year because of my IT Band pain. I am out this year to kick this race in the butt and to run it healthy this time. I am out for redemption!

To start the process, I started the recovery from my awful run last Sunday and went out this week for a short run on a 59 degree day. The weather was unseasonable so I decided to take full advantage of it. I planned on a 3-3.5 miler but ended up pulling out 4.3 miles since I had SUCH a great run.


DUMBO, Brooklyn

 I ran around my neighborhood and then down to the Brooklyn Bridge Park near the bridge. I was not in the mood to run the bridge so I ended up staying downtown. They are doing so much amazing work there and it gets prettier and prettier every day. Plus, you can see the progress on the Freedom Tower, which I can’t wait to see completely finished on the outside (should be soon!).

Freedom Tower on its way up!

Freedom Tower on its way up!

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5-6

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5-6

I am super happy to have had such a nice run. Finished 4.3 miles at 8:56/mile and ENJOYED myself, which is the most important part. Soon I’m going to attempt that 6 miler again and see how it goes. Stay posted :)


And now for the Stride Box Giveaway winner…

Ashley@ Country Tunes

Congratulations Ashley! I have emailed you, please email me back ASAP so I can get your name in for the March box!


What was your best run/workout lately?
Did you make anything on Valentine’s Day?


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