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Is it summer yet & Thrive Forward Sport Edition

Today’s Workout: AM lifting/strength and PM yoga@ Om Factory

So it was 80 degrees today in NYC.. did we completely miss spring or something? Even though today was nice, I do like spring and a small part of me is happy it will be getting a little cooler this weekend. I plan on going hiking in my brand new hiking shoes that Karl and I bought on impulse. Now we have to make sure we use them because they aren’t cheap. That being said, I did enjoy sitting and eating lunch while looking at the flowers planted by the city of NY in 80 degrees today.

Flowers in Herald Square

Flowers in Herald Square

Unfortunately, this beautiful weather got me thinking about the summer, wearing bikinis, and also about starting training for my first marathon. So yeah, I sort of panicked because I can’t believe its already this warm out and I’m just not ready for it. Especially for the marathon training. I want to do it right and I want to do it healthy most importantly, from the inside out. Which means no beer…


But no, even though it sounds delicious, I will not have beer. Not only does it add to the waistline which is the opposite of what I’m trying to do, but I also have upcoming races this year that I want to be tip-top for.

This is where the new Vega Thrive Forward Sport Edition program is coming in for me. You may have read my review in the past of the original Vega Thrive Forward Program created by Brendan Braizer and remember how much I love it. Now, they have introduced a brand new part of the program focused on sports nutrition to pair with their Vega Sport line.. um, can you say amazing?! How many runners (including me) have wondered how to eat more plant-based but still have energy they need? This will give you the answers… for free.

I’ll be talking more about the program the more I, myself, go through it but it includes:

Clean Sport Nutrition: Protein, Recovery, Training
Endurance Training
Strength Training
Functional Strength

Just like the original, you get videos, recipes, tips, and a TON of information that’s going to help me meet my running goals while still eating clean and mostly plant-based.

Here’s one video about endurance training sources for athletes:

My pre-summer goal is to incorporate as much of this program as I can as often as I can. For the original Thrive Forward, I printed out and made a binder of recipes and important information that I learned. I plan on doing the same with the Sport Edition, but making it a priority since I am so active and have a marathon (whattt?!) coming up. I NEED to put better food in my body!

Brendan Braizer

Brendan Braizer

If you already signed up for Thrive Forward (again, its FREE), the Sport Edition information/resources should be in your account already at the bottom. If you haven’t signed up, you can do it now here. You also have the chance to win some awesome prizes from Vega (like whole tubs of their protein powder) by participating and sharing information. You just can’t lose, seriously!

Has it been warm weather where you are?
Are you ready for the summer? How will you make sure you are?


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I’m in Love with Vermont: Vacation Recap Days 3&4

On Monday morning I woke up for my planned 9 mile run. I don’t know why, but I was pretty nervous about this one. Its the longest mileage I’ve run in a while since coming back from my injury and I’m always afraid the familiar knee pain is going to kick in when I run longer distances. But with the perfect weather and the quiet roads, combined with some motivation from the awesome twitter-world, I convinced myself it would be fine.

I ran a route similar to the one I described yesterday, with lots of livestock, trees, and mountain views. Safe to say, it was MUCH nicer than my typical runs in Brooklyn with cars everywhere, stoplights, and mean people. I tried to avoid the super hilly roads, but up in Vermont its impossible to stay away from them all together. It was a perfect morning for a run and was so relaxing. Also my asthma stayed well under control (which it didn’t during my 5 mile run this morning.. ugh) and I ended up completing 9 miles with NO knee pain. Win!

So happy for a fun, successful, relaxing run!

Heck yeah for 9 miles! Not my fastest, but it was hilly :)

After my run, I threw on my Aspaeris compression shorts and had a nice breakfast filled with lots of carbs and protein (of course). By the way, these shorts are the best ever, they really work for recovery and make my legs happy. Plus I knew Karl and I had a bike ride planned for later so compression was 100% necessary. After a little bit of relaxing, we headed out with our bikes to meet up with Karl’s other aunt who lives near Burlington.

We rode along a dedicated bike path in Burlington which was incredible! I’m so jealous we don’t have anything like this near me. Its a lane completely for bikes (with some runners sprinkled in) and has great views of Lake Champlain. It was such a pleasant, fun ride. And it was flat, thankfully, since I had run all morning already!

There was even a bridge to ride over!

Lake Champlain from the bike path

Karl and I on the bike path lookout spot.

We ended up biking around 16 miles total, but stopped halfway in downtown Burlington by the pier for an early dinner. Its really nice in downtown with a marina, restaurants, and a gorgeous promenade. I’m convinced everyone there either rides their bikes, runs, eats healthy, and has dogs. Is there anything better?! I fell in love.

The promenade in downtown Burlington

Apparently in Vermont they also have a type of soft serve ice cream called creemee’s, with a maple flavored version. One word: addicting. If they had maple creemee’s near me, I’d probably eat it every single day. SO good its not even fair! We also stopped by one of the restaurants located right on the water and I had a salmon salad which hit the spot. Everything just tastes so fresh in VT and its not overpriced either like in NY.

Heaven. Maple flavored creeme.

Salmon salad. Imagine eating this with a view of Lake Champlain and the marina!

Afterwards we biked back along the pathway to Karl’s aunts house, where we hung out for the evening. And she gave us some amazing fresh vegetables from her garden. I’ve been eating tomatoes non-stop since I got back, they are so tasty. 10000 times better than from the supermarket.

The next morning we woke up and had a nice big breakfast before saying goodbye to everyone, including this cutie who I was so sad to leave… look at that face!!


We also stopped by Shelburne Farms for some fresh bread and cheese to bring back with us before heading back to the Essex Ferry. VT has the BEST cheese and bread, its unreal. I stocked up and hope I never run out, there’s nothing like it. I wished I could have brought home more, but there wasn’t enough room in my insulated bag.

I was so sad to leave VT not only because it meant my trip was over (forcing me to snap back to reality) but also because I really, really love it up there. I think that’s where I’m meant to be eventually! Its so laid back and relaxing… totally me. Anyway, I’m planning on going back in the winter to ski at Stowe. It can’t come soon enough!

Did you go on any vacations or trips this summer?
Have you ever had a creemee?
Did you run this labor day weekend?


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I’m in Love with Vermont: Vacation Recap Days 1&2


PICTURE ALERT: Lots of photos because they are so pretty I had to share!

I meant to post while I was in Vermont these past few days, I even brought my computer. But I was so busy while I was there (in a good way) that I never got the chance. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Vermont, but its incredibly beautiful and peaceful. Karl has lots of family up there so we decided to go for a visit.

Its about a 5-6 hour drive from NYC to Vermont so it was tiring to say the least. We always drive all the way north in NY State and then take the Essex ferry across to VT. By the time we got to the ferry on Saturday we were starving, so we stopped at the Old Dock House Restaurant in the tiny town of Essex for a quick bite to eat. I had some great fish & chips but the main draw of this place is the view. This is what it looked like from our table..

This is where we ate lunch. Actually still in NY here.

After lunch we took the 30 minute car ferry over to Vermont and drove to Karl’s aunts house where we usually stay. Its always great to see them and spend time with family. We had a great time catching up, meeting her new doggies (so cute!), and relaxing after a long drive. Plus, she lives right on the lake so this was our view of Lake Champlain while we chatted and recovered from the trip.

View from the backyard

Sunset. Just breathtaking!

The first day there we took it easy. Sunday morning though we woke up early and got going. Karl went for a swim and I went for a run. When you are in VT its so easy to get out there and bike, run, etc for several reasons: everyone else is healthy, its quiet and nobody is on the road to get in your way, & the weather is great. It was a cool morning in the low  60s and I took off for a run on the quiet dirt road. I planned for 4 miles but ended up with 4.5 miles because I was having too much fun.

I barely saw any cars which was a stark contrast coming from NYC, it was quiet, and I basically had the road to myself.
It. was. AMAZING.

The winding dirt road.

I also saw some livestock on my run. I know people see animals all the time but where I’m from its a big deal when I see anything besides a dog. I also love horses so seeing them on my run was really exciting. I am already missing the scenery I had running here and want to go back ASAP! I got used to it really fast :)


In keeping with the active vacation theme, Karl and I brought our bikes. So after we came back from our run/swim and ate some food, we headed out for a 9 mile bike ride around the neighborhood. It was SUPER hilly so it was a tough one, but again we had some pretty scenery on our ride.

Cute little bridge. Ignore Karl’s thumb in the corner.

We <3 VT

Lake Champlain amazes me.

What was also fun about riding was that the drivers are so courteous to cyclists. The few times someone drove past us, they really got out of the way for us and were aware we were there. So unlike NY. Plus, there were so many other cyclists out there riding since the weather was perfect, some of them had some serious bikes too!

The whole road to myself!

Love love love.

After our ride we headed back to the house and got dressed to go out to dinner. We went to Church Street in Burlington which is the main strip of restaurants and stores in the town. We like to go here to walk around leisurely, plus they have lots of street performers which reminds me of the Village or something. We decided to get some good at a place called Leunig’s Bistro which serves French-type food. Karl and I both got seafood because you sort of have to when you are in New England.

Cheese plate appetizer. Sorry, I attacked this before I took a photo.

Scallops. Yum!

After dinner we went back and swam a bit before calling it a night. It was a super fun first two days.. stay tuned for the rest of my trip in my next post!

Have you ever been to Vermont?
Do you like to relax or stay busy on vacation?






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