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Is it summer yet & Thrive Forward Sport Edition

Today’s Workout: AM lifting/strength and PM yoga@ Om Factory

So it was 80 degrees today in NYC.. did we completely miss spring or something? Even though today was nice, I do like spring and a small part of me is happy it will be getting a little cooler this weekend. I plan on going hiking in my brand new hiking shoes that Karl and I bought on impulse. Now we have to make sure we use them because they aren’t cheap. That being said, I did enjoy sitting and eating lunch while looking at the flowers planted by the city of NY in 80 degrees today.

Flowers in Herald Square

Flowers in Herald Square

Unfortunately, this beautiful weather got me thinking about the summer, wearing bikinis, and also about starting training for my first marathon. So yeah, I sort of panicked because I can’t believe its already this warm out and I’m just not ready for it. Especially for the marathon training. I want to do it right and I want to do it healthy most importantly, from the inside out. Which means no beer…


But no, even though it sounds delicious, I will not have beer. Not only does it add to the waistline which is the opposite of what I’m trying to do, but I also have upcoming races this year that I want to be tip-top for.

This is where the new Vega Thrive Forward Sport Edition program is coming in for me. You may have read my review in the past of the original Vega Thrive Forward Program created by Brendan Braizer and remember how much I love it. Now, they have introduced a brand new part of the program focused on sports nutrition to pair with their Vega Sport line.. um, can you say amazing?! How many runners (including me) have wondered how to eat more plant-based but still have energy they need? This will give you the answers… for free.

I’ll be talking more about the program the more I, myself, go through it but it includes:

Clean Sport Nutrition: Protein, Recovery, Training
Endurance Training
Strength Training
Functional Strength

Just like the original, you get videos, recipes, tips, and a TON of information that’s going to help me meet my running goals while still eating clean and mostly plant-based.

Here’s one video about endurance training sources for athletes:

My pre-summer goal is to incorporate as much of this program as I can as often as I can. For the original Thrive Forward, I printed out and made a binder of recipes and important information that I learned. I plan on doing the same with the Sport Edition, but making it a priority since I am so active and have a marathon (whattt?!) coming up. I NEED to put better food in my body!

Brendan Braizer

Brendan Braizer

If you already signed up for Thrive Forward (again, its FREE), the Sport Edition information/resources should be in your account already at the bottom. If you haven’t signed up, you can do it now here. You also have the chance to win some awesome prizes from Vega (like whole tubs of their protein powder) by participating and sharing information. You just can’t lose, seriously!

Has it been warm weather where you are?
Are you ready for the summer? How will you make sure you are?


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I went to Vermont, I ran, and I ate delicious food

I’m back! Between my vacation to Vermont and the Easter holiday, I apologize for not posting. I really meant to, I brought my computer up there and everything. But time got away from me and obviously a blog post never happened. I was obviously distracted by the beautiful view below! Talk about gorgeous. But today I’m back and here to share what I’ve been doing these past few days.

The view of Lake Champlain at sunset.

The view of Lake Champlain at sunset.

1. I ran!

Yes, I ran! On roads slightly different than NYC :)

Yes, I ran! On roads slightly different than NYC :)

I had two runs while in Vermont, my first two for almost two weeks due to plantar fascitiis pain. I tried out my new Mizuno Wave Inspires, which I love love love so far. They are lighter than my Brooks but still offer support. Plus, they are bright blue and color always draws me in. Yes, I am a sucker for neon.

I ran with Karl and his brother on the hilly back roads for one 4 mile run and one 6.1 mile run. It was their first super hilly outdoor run and they did great! Although that wasn’t what my long run was supposed to be that weekend (11 miles), I am easing back in slowly since I also have some lingering knee pain but felt pretty good overall. Hopefully now I’ll be okay for my 15K this weekend and the Nike Women’s Half this month. Crossing my fingers all goes well.

Karl and I post run.

Karl and I post run.

2. I ate delicious food.

When we go visit Karl’s family in Vermont, we always make it a point to eat as much local food as possible. For example, maple syrup, cheese (LOTS of cheese, all types), and bread. We were lucky to have tons of this at his families’ house but we also went out to two amazing restaurants: A Single Pebble (Chinese food) and The Farmhouse Tap and Grill (American food) in Burlington, VT. Both places rival, if not beat, places of the same cuisine that I’ve eaten in NYC. Yes, I am saying that A Single Pebble beats Mr. Chow and Phillipe Chow in my opinion. Especially their Mock Eel… yummmm. Both were AMAZING.

Cheese Plate from the Farmhouse Tap and Grill

Cheese Plate from the Farmhouse Tap and Grill

I am also obsessed with Lake Champlain Chocolates so I picked up a big stock of that to bring home. Hopefully I can make it last but no promises. Its just too good.

3. I celebrated Easter and spent time with family.

This was the first Easter I didn’t spend with my direct family, but with Karl’s aunts and grandma instead. We made it feel like home by doing some egg coloring (with the invisible crayon.. my favorite!) and playing some games with the eggs. We didn’t end up doing an Easter egg hunt because we were too busy that whole day, but it ended up being lots of fun anyway.

Pretty Easter Eggs!

Pretty Easter Eggs!

I think those eggs turned out pretty nice! The multicolored is mine, I was the only one who attempted it! Apparently I’m daring in my egg coloring skills. Who knew?

We also went for a nice brunch on Easter day with Karl’s family and ate some more delicious food. It was great to catch up and see everyone again.

Mark, Karl and I on Easter

Mark, Karl and I on Easter

4. I went to a wine tasting.

I have been wanting to go to a nearby vineyard everytime we go to Vermont, but for some reason we never end up there. But this time we did! We went to Shelburne Vineyard for a nice afternoon wine tasting one of the days we were there and got to try out some of their award winning wines. They were all delicious, especially their dessert ice wines. Oh my gosh.. amazing!

Wine from the Vineyard

Wine from the Vineyard, with medals!

Its a great price too. You get to try out 8 wines for $5, plus you get a nice souvenir wine glass to take home. And a nice one at that! They don’t pressure you to buy anything but it was so good we had to take some wine home. Can’t wait to open them up and enjoy more Vermont grapes!

5. I played with cute doggies.

Karl’s aunts that we usually stay with have two Shih Tzu’s and one German Shepherd. Since I LOVE dogs but don’t have one of my own, I was in doggie heaven. They are super cute and I loved playing with them. The small ones are cuddly and fluffy.

One of the Shih Tzu's named Vita!

One of the Shih Tzu’s named Vita!

And the German Shepherd is a big 8 month puppy who loves to play. She can also entertain herself forever, e.g. she chased a leaf blowing in the wind for about 20 minutes. It was fantastic.

The German Shepherd puppy Tilda.

The German Shepherd puppy Tilda.

6. Lastly, I learned about this:

I am going to be posting more about this upcoming NEW Thrive Forward Sportprogram that I think most of you will LOVE. Stay tuned :)


PS. Be sure to enter my Fit Four Gloves GIVEAWAY which ENDS TODAY! Click here to enter.


What did you do this weekend?
Do you celebrate Easter? What are your traditions?
Have you ever gone to a wine tasting?
How are your pre-summer workouts going?


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Aqua Running & NEW Vega One Bars

So my foot has been acting up the past few days with Plantar Fascitis pain, so sadly there was no long run for me this weekend :( But I made the best of it anyway!

First off, I made my lifting session intense and tried out new minimalist Fit Four Gloves during the workout too. They were a lifesaver, especially since I started to get some small calluses on my hands. I love lifting for so many reasons: the looks on peoples faces when I pick up heavier weights than them (you know you love that too!), the feeling of my muscles working hard, and the post-lifting pump.

Trying out my Fit Four gloves while lifting.

Trying out my Fit Four gloves while lifting.

I also tried out aqua running this weekend since I can’t run normally on my foot yet. I haven’t done this in a while but it was actually really nice. I did some laps as a warm up/cool down with running in between. Since the pool is shallow I didn’t use a floaty belt and it worked out fine. I’ll be doing more of it this week so I’ll update you about my workouts!

Running in the pool!

The pool I run in!

Now for some food finds. Firstly, I found this deliciousness which is an awesome way to get chocolate milk taste without all the sweetener, especially since I don’t drink regular milk anymore. Its so good!



Second, this week I also have another super amazing food find to share with you.. NEW Vega One Bars! As you know, I’ve been singing the praises of the Vega Thrive Forward program all year and have learned so much about how to eat more plant-based. Yes, I now bake with beans , use nutritional yeast for everything, and am addicted to bok choy. Who am I?!

Since I have all this free time right now I also have been making many of the delicious Thrive Forward recipes. But pretty soon its back to work for me :( which means time will be more limited. Cue on-the-go Brendan Braizer-forumulated Vega One Bars to save the day…

My Vega goodies

My Vega goodies

Dum dum dum dummmmmm!! There they are in all their beauty. Vega has been hinting about them for some time and officially released them in three equally tasty flavors:

Double Chocolate
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate Cherry

Basically, this is a Vega One Nutritional Shake in a bar form with a ton of antioxidants and probiotics to keep your body from going crazy. I mentioned the other day about my annoying running stomach issues (ugh) but these bars have caused no problems in the stomach department. I had one before a medium-length run the other day and the tummy was happy as a clam (PS. How can you tell a clam is happy?)

The three tasty flavors.

As the self-proclaimed number one fan of anything chocolate, these three flavors are perfect for me. Just perfect. It was hard for me to pick my favorite, but the Double Chocolate may have a slight edge because I’m convinced its a little bar sent from heaven right to my door. Thanks Vega angel, fairy, whatever you want to call it! Seriously though, the chocolate is delicious and tastes natural (because it is!) unlike so many products these days.

Double Chocolate. Enough said.

Double Chocolate. Enough said.

When I first bit into it, the texture was different from what I expected. The ingredients include rice crisps and white chia seeds (you can see the seeds in the below photo) that I think give it the cool texture that is so hard to describe. Now, I really am anti-bland food so after the initial surprise I fell in love with the way it made each bite unique and exciting.

While the texture varies from the average bar, this really works and the flavors in general are perfect. This is not your average bar.. its wayyy better! They must have done a ton of work on them before sharing, and it really shows. Hard to believe its all plant-based too! Just so you can see the inside of the bar, I’m sharing with you my partially eaten, teeth mark showin’ bar.

Teeth marks and everything.

Teeth marks and everything.

For the nitty gritty details, each bar is slightly different but has about 250 calories, 10g of fat, 15g of protein, 6g of fiber, and tons of healthy vitamins, Omega-3s, probiotics (1 billion!!), and minerals that would take me forever to list. Oh yeah, and there is NO gluten and contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Since I avoid artificial colors/sweeteners (yuck!) at all costs, this is a major SCORE!

Especially if you are a fan of the Thrive Forward program, clean eating, or just delicious food in general, I suggest you find and devour these bars. There are also going to be some more super exciting things offered by Vega pretty soon.. stay tuned for more!


What workouts did you do this weekend?
Have you ever tried aqua running?
What flavor of these bars do you think you’d want to try?


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