My Gear


  • iFitness Belt: Love this little belt. Stays put (for real!) and holds everything I need, which is usually my phone, inhaler, gels or chomps, and ID/cash. Ultimate must-have. I got mine at my local running store.
  • Timex Run Trainer GPS Watch
  • Amphipod Handheld Water Bottle: Has an extra strap on the back so it stays more comfortably on your hand. Great way to carry water without working those forearm muscles too much.



  • Handful Bra: My one and only favorite bra. One word: amazing.


  • CEP Compression Allsport Calf Sleeves: Another must-have for me. I once had shin splints… now I don’t because of these babies. They are tight but not restricting and help my calves less tired after long runs.
  • PRO Compression Socks: I got these in two neon colors and they are the full sock instead of sleeves. I LOVE them and the compression is just right. Plus they are super cute.
  • Aspaeris Compression Shorts: These shorts are heaven, they really work in helping my muscles recover! I sometimes wear these during runs and almost always after long runs. Well worth the money

Shorts/Skirts I Love:


Other stuff I love:

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