Completed Races
Sept 2011: Tunnel to Towers 5K, 40:07
Nov 2011: NYRR Dash to the Finishline 5K, 29:49 (9:35/mile)

Jan 2012: NYRR Joe Klinerman 10K, 1:01 (9:52/mile)
Jan 2012: NYC Runs Hot Chocolate 10K, 57:43 (9:17/mile)
Feb 2012: NYRR Al Gordon 4m, 36:15 (9:03/mile)
March 2012: NYC Half Marathon, 2:06.17 (9:38/mile)
April 2012: NYRR Scotland Run 10K, 56:13 (9:04/mile)
May 2012: NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon,run/walked 2:31 (11:36/mile)
May 2012: SI Memorial Day 4m 37:47 (9:26/mile)
June 2012: Lake Placid Half Marathon, run/walked 2:22 (10:51/mile)
August 2012: Staten Island Duathlon (1m run, 12 m bike, 4m run): 1:28 total
September 2012: Bronx 10 miler, 1:40, (10:02/mile)
September 2012: Fitness Mind Body& Spirit Games 4m, 34:20 (8:35/mile)
Oct 2012: Reach the Beach NJ Relay, 31 hours total. Recap part one, part two, part three
Oct 2012: Sleepy Hollow 10K, 57:20 (9:14/mile)
Oct 2012: NYRR Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5m, 44:49 (8:58/mile)
Nov 2012: Staten Island Turkey Trot 3m
Dec 2012: NYRR Join the Voices 5m, 43:46 (8:46/mile)
Dec 2012: NYC Runs Ekiden Relay

April: NYRR Colon Cancer Challenge 15K 1:25 (9:11/mile)


: 29:49 (9:35/mile): Dash to the Finish 2011
: 34:20 (8:35/mile): Fitness Mind Body& Spirit Games 4m
43:46 (8:46/mile), NYRR Join the Voices 5m
: 56:13 (9:04/mile): NYRR Scotland Run 2012
2:06.17 (9:38/mile): NYC Half 2012
: 2013 NYC Marathon… I have my eye on you!
Relay: Reach the Beach NJ Relay, 200 miles, 31 hours total
Duathlon: Staten Island Duathlon (1:28 total)


2013 Planned Races:
April: Nike Women’s Half Marathon
May: NYRR Brooklyn Half
October: NYRR Staten Island Half
November: NYC Marathon (ah!)

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