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Is it summer yet & Thrive Forward Sport Edition

Today’s Workout: AM lifting/strength and PM yoga@ Om Factory

So it was 80 degrees today in NYC.. did we completely miss spring or something? Even though today was nice, I do like spring and a small part of me is happy it will be getting a little cooler this weekend. I plan on going hiking in my brand new hiking shoes that Karl and I bought on impulse. Now we have to make sure we use them because they aren’t cheap. That being said, I did enjoy sitting and eating lunch while looking at the flowers planted by the city of NY in 80 degrees today.

Flowers in Herald Square

Flowers in Herald Square

Unfortunately, this beautiful weather got me thinking about the summer, wearing bikinis, and also about starting training for my first marathon. So yeah, I sort of panicked because I can’t believe its already this warm out and I’m just not ready for it. Especially for the marathon training. I want to do it right and I want to do it healthy most importantly, from the inside out. Which means no beer…


But no, even though it sounds delicious, I will not have beer. Not only does it add to the waistline which is the opposite of what I’m trying to do, but I also have upcoming races this year that I want to be tip-top for.

This is where the new Vega Thrive Forward Sport Edition program is coming in for me. You may have read my review in the past of the original Vega Thrive Forward Program created by Brendan Braizer and remember how much I love it. Now, they have introduced a brand new part of the program focused on sports nutrition to pair with their Vega Sport line.. um, can you say amazing?! How many runners (including me) have wondered how to eat more plant-based but still have energy they need? This will give you the answers… for free.


I’ll be talking more about the program the more I, myself, go through it but it includes:

Clean Sport Nutrition: Protein, Recovery, Training
Endurance Training
Strength Training
Functional Strength

Just like the original, you get videos, recipes, tips, and a TON of information that’s going to help me meet my running goals while still eating clean and mostly plant-based.

Here’s one video about endurance training sources for athletes:

My pre-summer goal is to incorporate as much of this program as I can as often as I can. For the original Thrive Forward, I printed out and made a binder of recipes and important information that I learned. I plan on doing the same with the Sport Edition, but making it a priority since I am so active and have a marathon (whattt?!) coming up. I NEED to put better food in my body!

Brendan Braizer

Brendan Braizer

If you already signed up for Thrive Forward (again, its FREE), the Sport Edition information/resources should be in your account already at the bottom. If you haven’t signed up, you can do it now here. You also have the chance to win some awesome prizes from Vega (like whole tubs of their protein powder) by participating and sharing information. You just can’t lose, seriously!

Has it been warm weather where you are?
Are you ready for the summer? How will you make sure you are?


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NYCM Entry, Running with a View, and a Food Find

I have big news! Most of you already saw this on twitter and instagram, but I officially got this email…


YES, its really happening. After completing my 9+1 in 2012, I have guaranteed entry into the 2013 NYC Marathon! Running this race is my number one running goal this year (and probably ever) and will be my very first marathon. I can hardly wait until November even though the idea of 26.2 miles is super scary and all my non-runner friends call me “crazy” for doing it. But like all runners, I don’t care.. I WANT THIS!

Speaking of running, I had a nice 6 miler with Katherine Friday who luckily now lives much closer to my apartment. This means early morning runs are much easier to meet up for. I felt pretty good, although I have been dealing with a bit of foot pain. Its not awful, but really annoying. Ugh, running pains. And because I’m a Brooklyn resident who is in love with the borough, I have to share a token Brooklyn Bridge shot I took from the run.


I love running bridges!

I also keep getting this small blister on the inside of my foot that I now put tape on before every run. I would like to avoid this so I am on the search for a new pair of running socks. I use DryMax right now and they are great, but maybe a different brand would work better? What type do you use?

In other news, I got this amazing package in the mail the other day from the great people at Vega. As I mentioned and reviewed before, I am trying to stick to the clean eating Thrive Forward program they launched this year. I also love their products, which are all plant-based. So they just sent me their newly launched Vega One Bars and they seriously rock. I’ll do a longer review soon, but they have a delicious chocolate coating (perfect for a choco lover like me!) with a ton of great ingredients in the middle. And I didn’t think I could love Vega any more than I did.

I LOVE Vega One Bars!

I LOVE Vega One Bars!

┬áTotally unrelated to fitness, Karl and I were talking about where we should go on vacation this year and a ton of places came up on our list. Although I’m not a cruise person per say (I prefer to go to a place and stay there), a Disney cruise somehow came up. But then I heard about 2 MORE issues with Carnival ships and I realized I could never ever go on one after that. Being trapped on a boat is not my idea of fun, especially since I’d probably be seasick at the same time. I just can’t believe all the cruise ship craziness lately!


What is your number one running/fitness goal this year?
Have you ever been on a cruise? Are you a “cruise person”?


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Thrive Forward Program & Clean Eating

Still more time to enter to win an awesome Handful bra!


If you remember a while back I did a review of Vega Energizing Smoothie powder, shared a smoothie recipe, and told you all about how delicious and healthy Vega products are. Since then, I haven’t gone a day without having some type of Vega product in my house!


One of the main aspects that I love about this company is that all the products are plant-based and they stress clean eating. Which leads me to a new FREE program started by Vega that I’ve joined this year called Thrive Forward. This program stresses plant-based nutrition, but in no way are they asking you to become vegan (hey, I still love my chicken dumplings!). But they do try to teach you ways to incorporate plants into your diet more, why its important, and how so start eating clean.

If you remember, one of my resolutions this year was to eat more clean food and this is how I’m doing it! Since I joined this I’ve learned SO much about what types of food to eat, how to make informed choices, and how to fuel (without eating as much meat!). So many people have asked me, “What exactly does eating clean mean?” Well, the Thrive Forward program can teach us.


The program was created by Brendan Brazier, a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time champion of the Canadian ultramarathon. Yes, he didn’t just win an ultra once, but twice. Seriously, that’s amazing. He also wrote the Thrive book series and is now a performance nutrition consultant who promotes plant-based nutrition.

Whats great about him is that since he is an athlete, he knows how a runner, triathlete, etc can fuel their bodies on plant-based food. I always wondered this since I became a runner, but had no idea how to move toward plant-based while maintaining energy for long runs. Well fellow athletes, that’s where Thrive Forward comes in!

Brendan Brazier

Brendan Brazier


What happens when you sign up for Thrive Forward?

Firstly, this is a FREE program that provides extensive lessons, tips, and recipes to get you on your way. While using Vega products is great (they rock!), don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to buy them. So what you get with the Thrive Forward Program is this:

  • Free personalized online program. You chose the topics you want to know more about, e.g. digestion, optimal weight, anti-aging, etc. but you have access to information about every topic if you want.
  • Over 30 videos divided by topics, starting with Clean Eating 101. Its SUPER easy to use and incredibly informative. I watched most of the into videos and was amazed at how much I didn’t know!
  • Each video also comes with amazing related supplemental materials, including: recipes, meal plans, charts, and printable reference guides. SO useful!
  • Emailed tips. So far I’ve gotten three including “5 tips for going plant based.” They are short and sweet but packed with info.
  • You also get a free extensive e-book that basically gives you an amazing basis on which to start! It provides visuals, lists, and so much useful information. Its truly invaluable and I’m obsessed with it :)

An example of the info you would find through this program:

Staple Foods

Oh and they also have a “share it forward” contest as part of the program, which gives you the opportunity to win some amazing Vega prizes! Thanks Vega for such an awesome program, which I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more about from me this year. Also, stay tuned to my blog too for some plant-based prizes in the next week or so! Get some “clean eating” recipes ready :)

If you join or have any questions, let me know! Lets start 2013 by eating cleaner together!

Here’s a video by Brendan Brazier:


Would you eat a plant-based diet?
How are you eating clean in 2013?


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